In the case of children who are having problems at home or at school, a preliminary meeting is arranged to explore the areas of concern. This meeting is ordinarily without the child/children. The parents and the therapist together decide how best to intervene. This might mean seeing the child with the parents or alone. It might mean seeing the whole family together. The exception to this is adolescents, who are seen on their own. Sometimes the parents also need support, either as a couple or individually. This is a service we also provide.

The length of treatment for children depends on the severity of the problem; sometimes one or two meetings are enough if the problem is a simple one but in other circumstances the child may need to come over an extended period of time. Child psychotherapy is not just about clearing up symptoms but is concerned with the long term development of the child.

For younger children, who have difficulty putting their feelings into words, therapy may take the form of using toys, drawings or play as a means of understanding what it making them unhappy.

Young People Consultation and Therapy Service. This service specifically caters for the 13-25 age group who are experiencing emotional difficulties and their families. We offer a tiered service catering for acute crisis periods as well as long-term psychotherapeutic needs.

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